Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Wishing my life away

I know I should treasure every single moment while they’re small but I really can’t wait for my monsters to grow up. I’m so fed up of the squabbling and screaming at each other, I just want them to be older.
I'm also looking to the day when I can take them on holiday and be like ‘right mummies gonna be here on the beach with her book *cough cough cocktail* go have fun’ and they will be old enough and responsible enough to go in and out of the kids clubs or teen entertainment rooms (yes I'm thinking that far ahead) and hang out with other kids around the hotel or go in the pool without me worrying about them drowning.
I have seen families leave their young children to fend for themselves in all inclusive places, which I've never understood and by young I mean my kids age. I don’t know why you would leave a 4/5 year old to wonder round some big hotel by themselves when there are normally kids clubs you can dump, umm. I mean lovingly put your kids in.

But yes I am looking forward to those days although I’m sure when ‘those days’ come I won’t like it and won’t want them to go off by themselves lol

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