Saturday, 28 February 2015

To drink or not to drink...

OK so I've always drank alcohol on the plane as I feel I’ve paid enough for my plane ticket and want to get my monies worth, but I know some people don’t like to drink as the alcohol effects them differently in the sky and makes them feel more dehydrated. But for those of us that do drink, how much should you actually drink? I mean there’s been times when my friends have been sleeping and I've ordered wine ‘On their behalf of my friends’ and drank it along with the glass I’d ordered for myself, now some people may argue that is way too much but I feel it’s fine for me personally as it’s not like Ism getting drunk and staggering everywhere or being a nuisance (Which I know can happen as I've seen videos on YouTube where people have had too much to drink on board then start fights)
Now I've never seen anyone drunk on my flight before but should there be a cut off limit or a line that you shouldn't cross, or should you just drink as much as you fancy? You are technically on holiday after all. Actually after saying that, I now remember being a bit tipsy on an Air Jamiaca flight once, but the main reason was because I had just come on my period (which basically turns me into a lightweight) and they kept giving me champagne, the champagne was free and in true Caribbean style they are not stingy with the alcohol. I remember getting up to go to the toilet and felt light-headed so I had to sit back down and try again later... But then if I had been drunk I'm not a rowdy hooligan drunk who shouts and swears and wants to start fights with random people. So should the cabin crew stereotype and refuse to serve certain people who they feel will be a problem if they get drunk or should it solely be the individuals responsibility to know their limit in the sky and stop once they've reached it?

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