Sunday, 8 February 2015

Take Me Out

So I absolutely love this show, I actually look forward to Saturdays just so I can watch it I just find it really entertaining and Paddy is hilarious. But last nights show was a particularly good one, it was quite emotional. First of all there was Georgette who cried when she found out she was the ‘nice guys’ love at first light, then there was Looci’s ex, now that was a shocker. Now I noticed Loocis face when her ex came down the lift as she looked completely shocked then tried to fix her face and pretend she wasn’t shocked, but still came off as looking shocked lol I think it was cute how out of respect all the girls turned out their lights for him so he could choose her. But although it was lovely that he chose her I have a feeling that she's not a very nice person, I feel like she could be a bit like that tall girl with the short blonde pixie cut who was on a couple weeks ago who was convinced that everyone fancied her when they didn't at all
and I reckon she may also turn out to be a bit of a bunny boiler. I can’t wait for Take Me Out The Gossip next week.
Speaking of TMOTG what was up with Rob? He was so on himself he didn’t even realize he was being rejected by his own date. I also loved how he believed he was some big celeb and couldn’t live a normal life because of all the attention he gets hahahaha genius! Also a word of advice, if you are a professional dancer on a date or looking to get girls NEVER dance like you’re in Janet Jacksons Rhythm Nation video doing a choreographed routine, it’s just weird and a complete turn off. Also if you’re gonna go on a dating show such as Take Me Out it’s probably best to not have a girlfriend either...

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