Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Problems with C-Section scar... 5 years later

So I've had 2 emergency c-sections, 1 with dissolveable stitches and 1 with normal stitches and both got infected. So for a while I did have problems with the scar opening, itching, smelling funny and weeping, but for some reason within the pas
t few days that feeling has started up again, which I find weird as my last c-section was 5 years ago. I found the scar to be painfully itchy (my scar is a small horizontal one at the top of my bikini line and is hidden by my 2nd belly that flaps over it) and when I've looked at it all around that area looks very red and sore and the stretchmarks look very inflamed. But, strangely, around that area and the flappy hanging part of my belly are still quite numb, so even if I scratch it I really cant feel anything, yet bizarrely I can feel the itching.
I've been reading lots of mummy forums with ladies who have had the same problem years later and a lot of ladies suggested to treat it as a fungal infection. So luckily I still had some anti fungal cream from when Cali had Ring Worm, so I cleaned the area with sea salt water and put some anti fungal cream on and now it's feeling soo much better, thank goodness! Because that itching was driving me crazy, but I'm still baffled as to how I would randomly start having problems with a 5 year old scar.

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