Friday, 6 February 2015


OK so I loved this outfit sooo much I thought I'd come back and do a post on it. Now that day was freezing so I was just trying to layer up and keep warm. I found this powder pink oversized coat randomly in Primark, now it said size 14 (which is clearly a lie because its huge!) so I was pleasantly surprised when it fitted me and even happier to find out it was in the sale and you know how I love a bargain. I had been eyeing these style coats in there since last year but just didn't wanna pay full price so just forgot about it. Also as it's like a woollen coat it is sooo comfy and most importantly super warm and seemed to be the last one, like it was just there waiting for me to buy it. This whole outfit had me feeling very late 80's it just reminded me of Curiosity Killed the Cat and those kinda bands who used to wear these thick shapeless coats with boots and I also feel like I'm channelling my inner Tia, you know the moody teen sister in Uncle Buck, that was late 80's wasnt it? I loved that movie all the teens were quite grungy although I may need this coat in a darker colour to fit in with them.
Pink Coat - Primark
Chunky Goth Boots - New Rock
Green Flannel Shirt - Primark
Acid Wash Jeggings - Primark
Leopard Print Scarf & Rings - Primark

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