Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Once you go luxury All Inclusive can you happily go back to budget B&B?

OK so since I've been taking the kids on holidays we have always gone all inclusive just because it makes life easier for me (See why here) and they normally have a lot of kids activities, so all inclusive is all my kids know, but I'm wondering if I've now inadvertently made the whole holiday experience difficult for me in the long run because what happens when we do have to go self catering in a budget hotel (actually I would never go self catering until they’re a lot older like secondary school age if I can help it)  but yeah what happens if we reach that time and they’re really disappointed as it’s not the all inclusive luxury holiday they’re used to?
I even think that about myself, as I am in the process of organising a girly weekend getaway and the 1st thing I looked at was all inclusive hotels (like I’m rich) and kinda turned my nose up at the B&Bs but then I have done B&B before and it ended up working out more expensive than if we would've gone all inclusive or half board. So in my head I'm always thinking well why end up spending more in the long run going B&B when you can just spend one set of money now, go all inclusive and not have to really spend when out get out there.

 For me (when travelling with my kids) I find that going all inclusive is the most economical way to holiday because even if you don’t wanna leave the hotel too much you don’t have to pay for anything and I've found having such a choice of free food makes the kids more open to trying new stuff, which is a huge help when you have 2 fussy eaters.
But I do worry that I've set the bar quite high with regards to family holidays because my kids are already thinking the same way I used to think when I was little ‘It’s not a holiday unless you go on a plane’ and with my mum being from Barbados I used to go a lot when I was little so would always aspire to go to exotic islands and far flung holidays, I would never understand my school friends who would get excited about going to stay in a caravan in Devon for the summer holidays while I was jetting off to Barbados. Now the kids keep asking to go back on holiday to Barbados because that’s all they know too.

Obviously I’m not rich and don’t have a lot of disposable income and always have to save a whole year (and of course I love to haggle down prices) to take my kids on holiday so I'm wondering have I set myself up for being broke in the future by trying to always give the kids that luxury exotic holiday that they have grown accustomed to?

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