Monday, 9 February 2015

My little ballerina

So Cali has recently started ballet classes as she reckons now that she's 6 she is too grown for her old class. In her first class she looked soo awkward as she's quite clumsy and unbalanced but she was trying so hard bless her. She's not graceful in the least, so while all the other little girls float around like fairies Calis like STAMP STAMP STAMP! She kinda reminds me of myself when I used to do ballet. I was not graceful or gentle at all I was always the one being told;
'Jade, stand straight, bottom tucked, point your toes!' but then I was a proper tomboy and didn't like ballet I much preferred tap. But unlike me Cali really loves ballet and is so enthusiastic about it and I also hope that the ballet helps with her balance as she's always tumbling down somewhere. Ballet seems to make her really happy so regardless of how awkward she looks doing it as long as she's happy and having fun then that's all that matters to me.

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