Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My Crazy phobias

So I’m not a person who is scared of a lot of things I like to consider myself to be ‘Well ‘ard’ I’m not one of them females who goes running and screaming when they see a spider. But I’ve realized that that I do have a phobia of certain creatures that I can’t just swat or kill with a shoe. So that brings us nicely to Mice, I’ll admit I’m petrified of them (OMG and rats but I’m too freaked out to even write about them) they just make me paranoid, I just can’t deal with them. I once found a dead mouse  in my flat during my Uni days in North London and I was so scared I couldn’t even scream, I just started hyperventilating and needless to say I moved, because there was no way I was gonna continue to live there, the mice wanted the flat so I gave it to them. So because of this I hate piles and having things on the floor because I’m scared that something could be hiding at the bottom of that pile.
My other big phobia is mould especially when it’s on food. I’m totally freaked out by it which is why I’m super anal when it comes to sell by dates on food I will never eat anything on or near its sell by date just in case it has mould on it.
The other day I cut into my grapefruit and it was full of black mould, I was so scared I actually screamed and then I couldn’t bring myself to eat any of the fruit I had brought that day I just wanted it all gone. Even now I still feel sick thinking about it and can’t bring myself to eat a fruit (and I’m a person who eats fruits with all my meals)  but because I keep seeing the mould in my head I can’t deal with fruit. It’s actually put me off grapefruits and oranges and any other fruit you have to cut , yuck it’s disgusting OMG I still feel so sick.

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