Monday, 9 February 2015

Knackered :(

So I’ve been soooo tired recently. The tablets that I take for my stupid IBS do make me very drowsy, but I’m getting really sleepy during the day and not at night (when I should be getting sleepy as that's when I take them) Sometimes when I get home from the morning leg of the school run I'm so tired that I just pass out on the sofa, I've actually had to set a continuous alarm for 2pm for the times that happens just in case I over sleep and I’m late collecting the kids.
Also if I haven't slept then just before I collect the kids I’m so tired that I have to force myself to leave the yard. Then when we get home I’m finding that I’m dropping to sleep while doing their homework with them. Last week was particularly bad and I remember one time when I was soo tired I had nodded off while Cali was reading to me and I was actually talking stupidness, like I was so tired I must have been in the middle of a convo in my dream and just continued the convo out loud when I woke up and I was only dropping off for may seconds at a time so how I managed to be so deep into a dream, I don't know.

It seems like no matter how early I go to sleep I still feel exhausted the next day, almost like I haven’t had any sleep. It's really not fun being this tired allll the time.

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