Thursday, 12 February 2015

Feeling like Handy Manny (But the girl version ;)

So as I had prematurely gotten rid of my old bed (OMG the most uncomfortable bed ever made) I wanted to get my new one put up the same day it arrived so that I could sleep in it that night. Because I have zero patience and like to get things done Now Now Now! I didn't wanna wait for anyone to be free to help me, So instead on relying on other people I laid everything out and took my time putting my new Four Poster bed together.
Now I'm normally crap at following instructions and tend to get confused and frustrated then hate life, but these instructions were very simple. All the pieces of wood were supposed to be colour coded to make life easier, but they weren't, so I had to colour code them myself before I could even start.
It took me around 3/4 hours to put it up but I'm glad I did it, it just goes to show that you don't need a man for everything. Also now that I have my dream bed (I've wanted a Four poster bed since I was little, so it's ony taken me what near 30 years to get one) I can look at it and feel some sense of pride knowing that I managed to make it all by myself (Although RD did help with the top parts). I do normally get the ex to put together these kind of things but because he had pissed me off that week I didn't want his help lol
Also after I put up the bed I was on a roll and managed to put up my new corner desk too so now I'm feeling like Handy Manny... lets get to work muy rapido

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