Saturday, 7 February 2015

1st pair of jeans in over 4 years

OK so I'm not normally a trousers wearer anybody who has seen me even on the school run will know that I live in my bodycon dresses and will just wear thick tights with them in the winter and occasionally I will wear some cute leggings but never trousers. But when I piled on so much weight that my bodycon dresses started riding up waaay past my ass and my leggings were starting to dig and with the increasingly Arctic type weather I thought why not get some trousers. Now I knew I would struggle with normal jeans and saw a pair of cute Acid Wash jeggings in Primark, I tried them on and thought OK why not. Now the last time I wore a pair of jeans I was a size 14 (I still have the jeans in my wardrobe, I refuse to get rid of them and until now had also refused to buy any more in a bigger size) well the new jeggings are a size 18, yes a size 18. Now no one ever believes me when I say I'm a size 18, I dunno, maybe I just hide it well or maybe my crazy hair takes the attention away from all the extra weight I'm carrying. I have actually been a size 20 before and no one believed that either I was somewhere near 14+ stone I was huge, after I had RD I just ballooned, because I was a size 12 just before I had Cali. But yes I'm a size 18 and my 1st pair of jeans in around 4-5 years are a size 18, but, they are extremely comfy. I did try on a size 16 just to make me feel better about myself but they just cut my belly in half, I was literally spilling out everywhere.
So I got myself 2 pairs an Acid Wash pair and an Indigo pair and that's all I'm getting as I plan on shrinking. I also have a pair of size 16 jeggings that I got years ago (and never wore as they were too tight) then after that hopefully my original size 14 skinny jeans will fit me again. I just need to get motivated to start exercising hard again...

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