Thursday, 29 January 2015

When your ex puts you off men

OK well maybe not men, because I’m not ready to switch teams yet, but I have been put off relationships, just because of what happened in my past one. I always think will I ever be ready, because I know I have a lot of trust issues because of my ex and I wouldn’t want to bring all that baggage into a new relationship and put all my insecurities onto some new guy who is probably nothing like my ex and then ruin the relationship. But how do you not have trust issues after being cheated on by a man you were with for near 10 years, like how do you get out of that mindset that all men are dogs? OK a lot of men are dogs but there a few good ones out there somewhere and I’m afraid that I would get a good one and would never take his kindness as a genuine act I would be looking behind the kindness like hmmm... why is he doing all this, what is he trying to cover up?
Now me and the ex broke up years ago but I still have these trust issues with men and I think it’s because although I’m over him, maybe I’m still not over what he did to me.I don’t know what it would take to change my way of thinking about men, so for now ALL men are shit!

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