Saturday, 10 January 2015


So as I piled on the weight over Christmas I have now started to wear my ‘Fat Jade clothes’ which basically consists of leggings, a long/slouchy top and of course my new Goth boots (as they make my legs look long and thing as opposed to short and fat) So anyways I thought if I'm gonna be in leggings for a while I might as well get some cute ones. I know from past experience that H&M do some really good character leggings that last forever, obviously they’re a bit more than my usual black £3 ones from Primark but the extra money was definitely worth it for these Mickey Mouse leggings, they’re very quirky and I know they will never go see through after washing/wearing them a few times.

Mickey Mouse leggings - H&M
The Misfits retro oversized vest -
Biker jacket - New Look
New Rock Goth Boots - New Rock shop in Camden

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