Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Noisy Sleeper

So I've mentioned this before but since she was born Cali has been a noisy sleeper, she snores hard makes random noises and grinds her teeth. Now after she got her adenoids and tonsils removed I thought the snowing would stop or at least be less severe but it’s not, she snores like a tractor, it is soooo loud and i didn’t realise how bad it was till I had her in bed with me last week. Now there's been a few times when Cali has dropped to sleep before RD and has been noisy and RD will complain that he can’t sleep and I’ve always been unsympathetic ( I’m unsympathetic to most things after 7pm because that is mummy time lol) because if she’s nt dong something to keep RD awake, he’s doing something to keep her awake. Anywayz now I do sympathize as I just couldn’t get to sleep because of all the noise Cali makes in her sleep. I tried putting her on her side, on her stomach, at an angle, nothing worked she just continued to snore loud in my ears then when that died down the teeth grinding started and when i hear grinding teeth it makes me want to grind my teeth too (I dunno why, maybe I’m weird) I just don’t get how a 6 year can make that much noise in her sleep and ‘m not worried that it may get louder with age. But  on a positive note at least she has stopped holding her breath/gasping for air during snoring, because that used to really freak me out.

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