Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Living with IBS

Now I’ve previously written about my IBS struggles but I thought I’d do an update as it’s really bugging me. I hate the fact that there’s not one particular thing that sets my stomach off, because through CBT (Cognitive behaviour therapy) I’ve noticed that I can get a stomach ache from one food today and then be fine with it tomorrow, similarly I can also get a stomach ache when my emotions shift so as well as getting problems when I’m sad or stressed, I can also get problems when I’m happy or excited. So there’s no real trigger so I don’t even know what to avoid to stop myself from having attacks. Although one thing I know my body rejects is milk, any kinda milk, Cows, Goats, Soya, Almond, a2, Lactofree all of them do the same thing to me, it feels like someone is inside my stomach pushing outwards, it’s sooo painful, my stomach balloons and then obviously after that the party moves to the toilet.

It’s just so frustrating like I feel like I will never be able to control the symptoms because like I said I don’t know what to avoid. I even keep food diaries and there’s absolutely no pattern. I am taking medication for it, but I’m getting all them 1 in 10,000 people side effects which isn’t fun and the tablets are not stop ping the stomach problems or the severity of them when I get them. Fair enough for the most part I’m not getting stomach problems 7 days a week like I used to but it’s still a problem and still really affecting my life. Like I’m still making up excuses not to go out with friends just because I don’t wanna be out and then my stomach starts bubbling for no reason and there no toilets around, so I prefer to just stay in if I can. Which means I don’t really have a social life which is a bit sad...

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