Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Finally mastered the art of cooking soup woop woop!

So back in the day I didn’t know the first thing about cooking Caribbean soup, I was just rubbish at it so I would just wait until my mum or dad cooked it then I would invite myself over and fish out all the dumplings and eat them lol and even after that I would just wait for my ex to cook it, annoyingly I actually learned how to cook soup from him and it’s only recently (and by recently I mean really recent like within the past couple months) I’ve mastered the art of cooking soup. It’s always nice and thick and actually tastes good. Before it would either be thick and tasteless or too thin and runny. I tend to make a big pot to last a few days and make like a billion dumplings because just like me the kids like to fish out all the dumplings. I found that if you put a bit of
sugar in while you’re making the dumplings they taste sooo good, I remember it was either my mum or my auntie who used to put sugar in her dumplings too.  I also always have to have meat in it, I tend to use beef or lamb, I’m not really a fan of chicken soup. Also soup is great for this time of year as it really warms you up and is really simple to make (she says now) and quite cheap too and can last for days. But yeah, I’m soo happy I’ve finally conquered the soup. Now I need to learn how to make Curry goat because I don’t have a clue even where to start with that one.


  1. I LOVE soup too! We fish out the dumplings. I let my daughter roll them and peel the veg whilst I do all the hot bits on the hob. That bowl of soup looks delicious!

    1. Thanks 😊 yes the dumplings are Def the best part and I make big ones. I don't even bother to put potatoes in anymore cuz they just trick you into thinking they're a dumpling then you bite into it and are disappointed lol