Sunday, 11 January 2015

Chan Chams Hot Pepper Sauce Review

So it’s a tradition for my mum’s side of the family to get together just after Christmas and we basically eat (a lot) drink (a lot) and basically catch jokes, it’s always a good time. I dunno if it’s just a Bajan/Caribbean thing but we always have a huge ham in the evening after dinner which has to be eaten with hot sauce. So as I’d featured Chan Chams Pepper Sauce (which is made from a traditional Bajan recipe) on my Christmas Gift Guide I thought my family (who are from Barbados) would be the best people to try it and help with my review. Now I must say I’m not a big hot sauce fan,
I’m not really a fan of hot stuff/spice in general, when I go Nandos I’m like Ummm... Lemon and Herb Chicken please lol. Now I’ll tell you why I’m not a fan of hot sauce, it’s simply because it feels like fire on my tongue and not amount of drink can take the sting out of it. My cousin normally mixes up a nice sauce including hot pepper sauce and mayo which is the only thing I will have at Christmas with my ham, I think maybe the Mayo tones down the hotness.  Anyways everyone was saying how nice the Chan Chams pepper sauce was, so I thought OK I’ll be brave and try a tiny bit, OMG it tastes sooooo good. Although it seems to have the same ingredients as our usual hot sauce I found it has a very strong vinegar taste to it which toned it down a bit and although there was still a kick to it my mouth didn’t feel like it was burning. It’s lovely and smooth and tastes very authentic it doesn't taste like some cheap sauce pretending to be authentic Bajan hot sauce and it went soo well with the ham. The sauce was basically gone by the end of the night; I wish I had a bigger bottle.  I think I’m slightly addicted to it, I need to get some more! Big thumbs up from me and the fam J

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