Thursday, 1 January 2015

Baby Annabell Comfort Seat Review

After including Baby Annabell in my Christmas gift guide I realized there are a lot of accessories for her and seeing as they’re not the cheap I thought I’d narrow it down to 2 that Cali has and loves. OK, so another of my top picks is the comfort seat, it’s basically a mini version of a babies car seat. It’s pretty, pink and super girly and has an adjustable handle, so you can either have the handle bar at the top to carry it like a normal car seat or you can swing it round to the back so that Annabell can sit up. This has not left Calis arm since I gave it to her. She has to take this everywhere, like literally everywhere, she even puts a seatbelt on it when she’s in the car. This and the changing bag have made her turn into a mini mama and after she has rocked baby Annabell to sleep in it no one is allowed to make any noise near the comfort seat..  Also the seat is very sturdy and doesn't look or feel like flimsy cheap plastic so it should last a while (unless they have a 4 year old  brother who thinks it’s the greatest thing ever to try and sit inside it) but although it is very sturdy it’s still light enough for a 5 year old to carry with Annabell inside. I’m actually amazed that I managed to get her to leave it at home when she went to school.

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