Monday, 26 January 2015

Another annoying phase.. Fun,Fun,Fun...

So as RD quickly approaches 5 I have noticed a big change in his behaviour, he has now started being super naughty and refusing to do what he’s been told. He has also started to get angry and tip over chairs and throw things around, he even threw his shoe at me the other day and OMG did he get in trouble for that. Because usually I can kinda predict when he’s gonna try and throw something and give him ‘The Bajan mummy glare’ (that I learned from my mummy) and he quickly stops thinking about throwing things.

Last week was particularly bad as he heard one of his school friends call a teacher a stupid idiot, now he came home and told me how wrong that was but then when I told him off for being naughty he was like “You Stupid? Youuuuu Stupid, You iddy-yet, you stupid iddy-yet!” the 1st time he said it (as he just kept repeating himself) I was thinking but you can’t even say it properly and obviously told him not to say it and explained why etc then when he kept on saying it I just ignored him and literally acted like he wasn’t there, then eventually he stopped.

He is also
really badly behaved at bedtime, now normally I don’t have problems with either of them at bedtime we have our kisses and cuddles say our prayers then lights out, but for some reason as soon as i turned the lights out some switch flicks in RDs head and he just goes bonkers! One time he climbed onto his sisters top bunk just to hit her, then he will run into my bedroom (expecting me to chase him) and drag everything off my bed, then he’ll go in the frountroom and trash there too and all the while I’m trying to ignore him and keep my cool, that is until he does it too much and shows no signs of stopping then he does hear my mouth and I make him go and clean up EVERYTHING he’s thrown around.

I don’t even know what’s caused it as it seemed to start as soon as he started back school, he wasn’t like this during the Christmas holidays. I’ve not changed his diet, he doesn’t like fizzy drinks or sweets, I guess his routine has changed slightly from holidays to school time but that’s the only thing I can think of. But it’s just soooo draining and I just can’t wait for him to move onto something else.

But saying that he was very well behaved this morning I didn’t have to tell him off once, he listened and did exactly as he was told, which had me in shock for a minute because I’m now so used to battling him before we even leave I forgot what it was like to have everything go smoothly before school, although Cali gave me a lot of attitude this morning but then that’s nothing I can’t handle, I have more attitude than her so she will never win that battle lol.

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