Sunday, 7 December 2014

Reward chart success

So I reintroduced the reward charts a few weeks ago and they have been a great success. RD has really taken to it and loves doing whatever he can to earn stars as he knows he will get a reward on the weekend. It did take Cali a bit longer to take to it, as she didn’t really care that her back chatting and attitude were causing her to lose stars. But now that shes finally earned enough stars to get a treat and saw how proud I was of her, she's completely changed her attitude towards it and is now like RD; doing whatever she can to earn stars.
If you’re looking to do a rewards chart, you don’t have to spend big money on treats. What I did (strategically) was to buy them a big toy for their first treat to reel them in and make them more excited about getting future treats. Their big treats cost less than £3 from Morissons. For future treats I have Mickey Mouse ears, Frozen T-Shirts (cheap in Primark) and also choosing a game to play or a movie to watch. All the treats are actually things that I already brought that they needed and were going to get anywayz, but they don’t need to know that...

But either way I do hope this good behaviour continues.

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