Monday, 15 December 2014

Baby Annabell Changing Bag Review

So if you have a daughter between 4-6 then you will probably know all about Baby Annabell, I actually featured it in my Christmas gift guide. Well if you're looking for accessories to go with the doll the Changing Bag is definitely one of my top picks. As soon as I gave it to Cali it's like she instantly turned into a mini mummy. Immediately she pulled out the changing mat and put Annabell down to change her nappy and waved the little pink baby toy around (the same way a mum would do to distract a baby while trying to change their bum).
The bag is a perfect size for small children and the cute floral details on the bag & changing mat makes it look trendy.

As well as the bottle, changing mat and nappies that come with it the changing bag can also fit a lot of stuff (trust me Cali takes after me and will cram as much 'Just in case' things in as possible) So she also added a spare bottle a muslin square and a baby blanket as well as 2 changes of clothes (that she somehow got auntie to buy her) and there's still room in the bag. It's very well made so you definitely get what you pay for.

Since I gave this to her this bag has not left her side, somehow it always ends up in her bed (as she doesn't want her brother to even breath near it) and I have to wait till she's asleep and quietly move it from her bed otherwise she will just roll on it then whinge in the morning about it being squashed.

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