Thursday, 18 December 2014

Another annoying phase.. Fun,Fun,Fun...

OK so as he gets closer to 5 RD seems to be going through yet another annoying phase, hitting/launching himself at you and not listening and basically being a nightmare. OK let's start with the hitting and launching himself, *takes a deep breath* So, when RD can't get his own way instead of before when he would be like OK mummy now he will scream/shout at me then launch himself and try hit me. Now most of the time I can predict it coming so I give him 'The Look' and say "DON'T-YOU-EVEN-THINK-ABOUT-IT!" and that tends to scare him off, but the other day I wasn't paying attention and before I knew it he had launched himself at me and hit me in my chest, I was vexxxxxxxx! Before I could even tell him anything he started crying, ummm... too little to late luv, let's just say he went to bed very early that day. Also anytime he tries it I make sure I let him know "Mummy is a lot bigger than you and mummy can hit you a lot harder than you can hit me," 

He has also started launching himself at his sister. Before Cali would trouble him (and be evil or spiteful) and he would just whinge about it to me, now when she's evil to him & hits or pushes him he launches himself at her and hits her then they both come running and crying to me. Also RD is abnormally strong so if he hits you you feel it and will not have him grow up and think he can hit everyone, then next minute I'm on Jeremy Kyle chatting bout "I'm scared of my 5 year old son, he beats me," Oh hell no! I will make sure this phase is just a phase and he doesn't feel like this is the correct way to always behave.

Next it's the not listening, OMG this boy is a different breed of hardears, before he would more be the one to do as he's told without any much back-chat (like his sister) now I tell him things and it's like I've said nothing at all, it's soooo infuriating!! Like he really can't/won't hear, he seems to think he can do what he wants when he wants and obviously I'm trying to nip that in the bud from now. Also he likes to think he can shout at me, I'm like "Who do you think you're shouting at?!" and quickly his tone changes and he's like "Nobody mummy," then either goes quiet and talks in a baby voice or tries to act all sweet and is like "I love you mummy, you're beautiful mummy"

Out of all his annoying phases this is the most tying I swear it takes up sooo much energy dealing with him at the moment. I'm actually looking forward to the next annoying phase because I know there's no way it can be worse than this. This is literally a headache! 

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