Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Mouth Almighty

OK so I knew that Cali could talk for England but OMG she never stops, she actually never gives her poor mouth a rest. Her mouth is always running, either she is talking or eating or asking for more food. Now she iss talking so much she won’t give other people a chance to talk. She always talks for (and over) RD. I’m always having to tell her ‘OK, let RD talk then you can talk again when he’s done’ and she struggles to do that and ends up talking really loud over him. Now I thought she
was just doing it to her brother, but she had her best friend over the other day and did the same thing to her and once again I had to tell her to give her friend a chance to talk and stop talking over her. Even on the rare occasions that she lets you talk she’ll then make comments like ‘Yeah Yeah I know that already!’ and basically make the person who is speaking shut up so she can carry on talking. It’s almost like she believes no one elses opinion is as important as hers (just like her dad grrrrrrr) and I’m constantly explaining to her that everyone has the right to an opinion and everyone's opinion is important (unless they’re a jackass lol oh I obviously don’t tell her that otherwise she would be calling everyone a jackass) Parents evening is coming up so it will be interesting to see if her teacher has noticed this too and see how she handles it.

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