Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Kinda lovin' Ocado at the moment...

Did my first shop at Ocado yesterday and to be honest I only shopped there because they were offering £20 off my 1st shop. I’m not loyal when it comes to supermarkets and my monthly shop; I always go with whoever is offering some money off a shop. But after receiving my delivery I think I would shop with Ocado again just because of their customer service alone.
First of all after I had placed my order I received an email from my driver introducing himself and telling me what van he would driving as they have a few different vans that have different colours or fruits on them, he also confirmed my delivery slot, which was 11-12.
On the day he turned up 11 on the dot and once again introduced himself and was happy and friendly and as he knew I was a first time customer he explained how everything worked. They have colour coded bags that tell you if those items go in the Cupboard, Fridge or Freezer etc which saves you a lot of time and you don’t have to dig through guessing. Also their bags are recyclable so on the next shop they will collect the bags from my previous shop which is great!

Also I felt a bit posh shopping there because some of their items are Waitrose and to me Waitrose is posh and expensive but this wasn’t expensive at all, in fact it was the 2nd cheapest shop (I always compare on My Supermarket) It feels like they pride themselves on customer service . I’m actually looking forward to doing future monthly shops with them... unless someone else offers £15/20 off a shop next month ;)

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