Sunday, 16 November 2014

Have you packed yet?

So I wanted to get these from Primark during the summer but left it too late. I did my usual thing and saw and loved them, went home procrastinated and then went back to Primark and they never had my size. I always do this and I don’t know why I never learn. So when these similar ones popped up on eBay I thought I don’t care if it’s autumn/winter and I’m not going on holiday I’m still buying them. I’m really into chunky heels at the moment because they’re super comfy and remind me of the 90s, so these will be perfect for next Summer. Luckily because I don’t strictly follow fashion I tend to be able to get away with it and pretty much wear whatever I fancy without really having to worry about being on trend. So basically regardless of if these chunky heel sandals are the latest fashion must have or not next summer I will still be wearing them J Also as they’re black they will pretty much go with everything so they’re definitely a good buy. Also if you can’t be dealing with doing up 10 million little buckles like me you’ll be glad to know these also have a zip at the back, basically the perfect summer shoe.

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