Monday, 24 November 2014

Glamour & Glitter, Fashion & Fame...

So I may have mentioned this before, but, I’m totally obcessed with Jem. If you’re a real 80s baby you will remember this show and know every single word to the theme tune (whether you want to admit to it or not J) in my opinion there’s never been another cartoon like it. Anywayz I’d been looking for a Jem T-Shirt for ages and finally found one on Truffle Shuffle, they actually have most of the popular 80s TV shows on a T-shirt, I’m looking to get a Button Moon and Thundercats one next. Even though the show was in the 80s, I feel like I’m still influenced by their style, especially The Misfits. I remember loving their outfits although they were the baddies; they wore a lot of clashing animal print and bright colours and bold make up. I actually really want a Misfits T-Shirt too, well it’s only right as you can’t have Jem & The Holograms without The Misfits.

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