Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Beauty Stuff

OK so I very rarely post about beauty stuff, but I recently got some good buys that I wanted to share. So as my face is very sensitive it doesn’t take a lot to cause some kind of breakout, so I’ve always taken my time and spent real money on facial products, I think this is the only thing I won’t be like ‘Oh let me buy this because it’s really cheap’ I tend to more watch the ingredients than the price when it comes to my face. I look out for what’s best for my skin type and usually go for products that contain Tea Tree oil or Witch Hazel. Now I normal get a cleanser/toner from Boots that contains both of those but as they were sold out (I’m not sure if it’s been discontinued or it’s being repackaged as I haven’t seen it in stock in my local Boots for a while) so I thought I’d try something new. So I remembered being brought up to use Anne French and I only stopped using it when it started to get too expensive, so I thought I’d give it a go again and also got some B. Pure Micellar Water that doubles as a cleaner and toner. I’ve been using these along with my Garnier Dark spot Corrector cream and my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream and my skin has been feeling so smooth and silky which means I may stick to these products for a while and see how I go. But at the moment I’m absolutely loving the results.

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