Tuesday, 21 October 2014

So maybe they're not lactose intolerant....

So when my 2 were toddlers I noticed both of them were complaining about stomach aches straight after breakfast then right after their bedtime milk. I first thought maybe it was the cereal as I didn’t want to assume it was the milk just because I can't drink any kind of milk. I tried different cereals and it was still happening but I still didn't want to completely remove milk from their diet or assume they were lactose intolerant, and then my neighbour suggested I try a2 milk as it had worked well for her kids. So I tried it with mine and mysteriously no more stomach aches or pains. It's weird because before my neighbour told me about it I never even noticed a2 milk on the shelf, she actually had to explain to me exactly what it looked like and exactly where it was because I really didn't have a clue what I was looking for, I actually thought maybe she got the name wrong because a2 didn't sound like a ‘milk name’ to me. Once I understood the name I then thought a2 was maybe a type of milk like Skimmed/Semi Skimmed (Yes I was that confused)  Now years later it’s still working well with the kids, I wish I had discovered it sooner. I also wish they would have this kinda milk at school because RD has just started and loves milk but because he knows 'normal milk' gives him a stomach ache he refuses to drink it and instead opts for water while most of his friends enjoy their milk at snack time. I reckon there should be an alternative option of milk everywhere!!!!

Also another thing, I found if you check the a2 milk website they have a lot of useful info about what a2 milk is and how it might benefit you and the kiddies. There is also info on milk intolerance and even a few recipes to try. It's quite helpful actually.

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