Thursday, 23 October 2014

Be a drama queen in Barbados

As you know I love love love Barbados and always tend to go All Inclusive since I’ve been taking the kiddies and I always go for places that have a great kids club. Well Savannah Beach hotel have now taken the whole idea of a kids club to another level. Starting from 2015 they will also be offering the Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts which is a weekend performing arts academy that provides tuition for children and young people and was started by actress Pauline Quirke who is well known for her role in Birds of a feather.

The students will be split into groups according to their age and specialist teachers will take them through 2 hour sessions across 3 days, in drama, comedy and musical theatre. This all leads to a big performance at the end that parents and other hotel guests can enjoy and let’s face it who doesn’t like watching their kids perform, so be sure to bring an extra memory card for your camera.

My 2 munchkin heads already go to dancing school on the weekends so this would be perfect for them. It sounds like such a good idea, because it then gives the kids something to work towards which means it will keep them engaged (which also means you are guaranteed at least 2 hours of peace and quiet for 3 days and if that doesn’t get you excited then nothing will!) and it’s a fab holiday memory because not much kids can say *cough cough brag* that they went to a performing arts academy in Barbados.

In addition to the performing arts they also have a normal kids club and everything is supervised so you literally drop your kids there and they are looked after by a qualified team. This is perfect if you are a single mummy travelling alone with the kids, because they get an exciting and fun packed holiday and you also get a holiday too and you don’t have to worry about the kids whinging about being bored as there will be too much activities to keep them occupied so everyone’s happy really.
Oh and did I mention Savannah Beach is all inclusive, yes, so in addition to getting some me time while the kids are off being superstars you can enjoy the fact that you will not have to cook or wash up dishes for your whole stay and if your kids are fussy eaters like mine that in itself is something to get really excited about, oh, as well as the rum punch.

I was so happy daydreaming about relaxing and tropical cocktails and peace and quiet that I nearly forgot to mention the most important part, the academy is FREE to those staying at the hotel, so if like me you book your family holidays a year in advance this is definitely a good choice. Also the hotel is exclusive to Virgin Holidays which means if you contact them they’ll give you a good deal and you know how much I love a bargain :)


  1. Can I get a honest review of this hotel? Booked to stay there and would like to know if it's good, room friendly staff? Pros cons likes n dislikes

    1. Hey I've not actually stayed here I was supposed to then ended up going to turtle beach instead (mostly cuz of the kids club and the fact that I know that area) but the people I spoke to about Savanna recommended it they said it was a nice hotel quite quiet and more of an older crowd but I guess that could change depending on when you're going because of the new stage school I can imagine you would probably find more families there during the school hols. Also I remember people saying that it's not too far out and that they felt safe going in and out at night.

      Sorry I couldn't help anymore I meant to go have a look at it the last time I was in Barbados and just didn't get around to it. But if you haven't done so already have a look on TripAdvisor in the Barbados Forum and ask there because people will give you more honest opinions than what's written in the reviews.