Saturday, 25 October 2014

Are tattoos a form of self harm?

I just finally got round to watching Jodie Marsh on Plastic Surgery, I actually really love her documentaries on TLC. But she said something that I was a bit like Hmmm..? She said she believed Tattoos and multiple piercings are a form of self harm. Now, I have a lot of tattoos (I stopped counting at 10) and obviously piercings too and mine were definitely not a form of self harm. I was happy with who I was was and wasn’t depressed or anything when I got them. I just liked being different and loved the art behind the tattoo (because most of the big tattoos I designed myself) it was the same with piercings, I guess it’s just something that I’m into. No one in else in my family is pierced or tatted up, I’m the only one, so I feel it’s just who I am. I very colourful and creative and love to go in the complete opposite direction that everyone else is going in (and I hope my kids inherit that from me, as I always tell them you do not follow people especially when you know they’re doing the wrong thing, you lead) so for me tattoos and piercings are my way of expressing my creativity, I’m definitely not trying to purposely cause myself pain, I mean I’ve had so many tattoos that I don’t even feel any pain I normally drift off to sleep to be honest. I also couldn’t imagine someone who wants to self harm getting a tattoo as a way to do it, these people are trying to hurt themselves to numb some kinda pain and a tattoo will not fulfil that need in my opinion.

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