Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Was this some weird prank?

Ok so I was in London over the weekend and was walking to get the mandatory chicken and chips. Now I'm walking down a busy street and it's still bright, some Asian guy comes up to me and was like "sister omg I need to tell you something," in some really exaggerated 'I'm taking the piss out of an asian' accent. Then he came in really close and kept going on in that accent so obviously I moved and he came in closer and started walking right up behind me I was like "why are you still talking to me?" And I Carried on walking. So then he carries on following me, now I hate people walking behind me it just makes me mad instantly, so I stopped turned around and was like 'Don't follow me' and he still carried on I ended up screaming at him then he quickly left me. But I was thinking that was so surreal like what was he trying to achieve like was he just taking the piss and maybe filming some prank for YouTube or was he really crazy and was actually looking to do me something. Either way he picked the wrong one cuz my mouth is big and I have quick reflexes, I grew up fighting boys (cuz I used to think I was a boy lol) so that would've been silly of him. But it still freaked me out a bit when I came home and sat down and thought about it.... very weird....

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