Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Longhaul Makeup

So no matter how early my flight is I always have a long shower and put on a full face of makeup before I reach the airport, partly because I wanna look cute just in case I run into Mr Perfect (Hahahahaha) but mostly because I need to cover up the fact that I’ve had no sleep and feel like shit. So you can imagine how chuffed I was when one of the MAC ladies told me she loved my makeup. In my head I was like screaming and so excited. I’ve loved MAC since my sister forced the super glittery ‘Oh Baby’ Lip gloss on me when I was 19 (I’m actually still wearing it over 10 years later) and I always stop at the MAC stand when I pass through duty free at Gatwick to stock up on my make up as I buy everything apart from eye makeup from there. The ladies (and the guys) make up in there is always so on point whether its neutral shades or completely wacky and out there, so for one of them to compliment my makeup at like crazy o' clock in the morning was like the biggest ego boost ever! I even asked for tips on how I could improve it the next time and she said she wouldn’t change a thing *excuse me while I do my happy dance*  OMG how much did my head swell, I’m surprised my head fitted on the plane, it was seriously that big. So now obviously I’m feeling like some make up pro and to think a few years ago I was totally clueless when it came to make up and my attempts at being creative were always a big fat fail. It definitely helps if you ask like a billion questions when you’re getting a makeover. Oh also my makeup stayed put for the 8 hour flight the only thing I had to refresh was my lippie.

So here’s what I used:
-MAC Skin Base Visage (Primer) it makes all of your makeup look shimmery, OMG its fab
-MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
-MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder
-MUA Eyeliner in Royal Blue from Superdrug only £1 comes with a built in sharpener, I have every single colour
-MUA Eyeshadow Palette I used a mixture of Crystal Blue and Sonic Blue
-MAC Fix+ (Finishing Mist)

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