Monday, 8 September 2014

Jazz Festival

Went to the most fabulous event a couple weeks ago. The Canary Wharf Jazz music festival. Now I've not been to a festival before but I thought a jazz festival would be a good place to start. I even brought the munchkins along. We walked with our picnic rugs and made a day of it. As it was my mum's birthday we obviously had to bring to the Cava (because Champagne is overrated)  and a few members of the family came along to make it an extra special day.
There were  various singers and musicians playing and it really was a great event. Everyone was just chilled no bad vibes everyone was just picnicking drinking wine and hanging out with their friends and appreciating the music.
It was quite full so when the kids needed to wee we had to step over a lot of people and it was never a problem no one tutted or was screw face, everyone was just like 'whatever' which was lovely. Even my kids were chilled out and although I loaded up their Innotabs with over 3 hours worth of Ben and Holly, Jake and the never land Pirates and Team Umi Zoomi, even they took the time to appreciate the music.
It was such a brilliant event everyone was welcome, from singles to older couples to young families. I would definitely recommend as a family activity.  We all loved it and I definitely wanna take the kids to more events like this

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