Thursday, 25 September 2014

Another annoying phase.. Fun,Fun,Fun...

So we have now passed and survived the Epic tantrum throwing phase and we have now entered the screaming and the ‘Let’s not listen to a word mummy says and do what we wanna do’ phase and let me tell you these are the most annoying phases so far.

Let me start with the screaming. They seem to use it as a way to communicate with eachother, so they won’t talk they will just be like Aaaaaaaaargh! Literally every 10 seconds. Sometimes they will randomly scream for nothing and I’m like Why did you do that for? Even when we went on the plane they both fancied screaming so they screamed after I told them you don’t scream on a plane, and what’s worse is its one of them irritating high pitched screams that feels like its piercing through your head while making your ears ring. Most days I can be heard yelling at them STOP THE SCREAMING, JUST STOP THE SCREAMING!!!!  Then they scream again just to piss me off, I'm seriously so thankful for the duty free rum I brought back from Barbados, because if it wasn’t for the Cockspur and Malibu I’d seriously be rocking in a corner somewhere muttering nonsense to myself.

This then leads me to THE most annoying thing they are doing at the moment and that’s
not listening. It’s almost like I haven’t said anything or that I’m talking to myself, sometimes I even have to check myself and be like did I say that in another language, am I  not speaking English? I can be right next to them, tell them not to do something and they’ll do it anyway and Cali is such a madam, she will give me a ‘So what, I don’t care’ look and do exactly what I just told her not to do, which infuriates me. I’m sooo not looking forward to her hitting puberty, maybe I’ll find some a family of Eskimos in the North Pole to adopt her, at least then I would know her lips would be too cold to move that much so she wouldn’t be able to be rude to them.

OMG did I mention the rudeness, bloody hell Cali has a mouth on her (That annoyingly she gets from me, I’ve been told from everyone I was a mouthy child) that never closes and because it doesn’t close she usually ends up talking herself into trouble. She has an answer for everything and always has to have the last word and she is highly sarcastic just like her dad (boo) and now RD is trying to get in on the act. I feel like all I do at the moment is tell them off, I’m actually bored of it now and I swear the naughty corner has never seen so much action before. I just dread to think what the next annoying phase will be.

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