Wednesday, 24 September 2014

1st Day of school

So RD finally started school and it was such an emotional moment for me. My last baby (because there’s NO way I’m having anymore kids) is all grown up now. I remember when he was just starting nursery couldn’t talk and was getting really frustrated with anything, then when he began saying a few words he had a bad stammer and now he talks well, a little too well, he basically doesn’t ever shut up, which is obviously a lot of fun for me...
He looks sooo cute in his little school uniform and his teacher is actually new to the school, but one of the teaching assistants (he has 2) taught Cali last year and she’s brilliant so I know he will be well taken care of and will learn a lot. He also seems to be really enjoying it although every morning he won’t go in the classroom and clings to me, which is exactly what he used to do everyday at nursery and I don’t get why he does it because once the teacher takes him in and I’m gone he’s fine and goes off to play happily (as I’ve watched him do this at nursery).
He doesn’t like the fact that he doesn’t know everyone’s name in his class as he is used to knowing everyone’s names at nursery but I told him he’ll get to know them in time. He also has a few of his nursery friends in his class which is helpful. I’m especially pleased that my next door neighbours daughter is in RDs class as she’s  the total opposite to RD she comes in and just gets on with it, she’s like his older sister (although she’s only a few months older than him) and she will really help to bring him out of his shell, she’s lovely.

Now I officially have no more babies, I now have to use my time wisely to prepare myself for when I get thrown back into the lions den. So I’m gonna do as much writing and blogging as I can and I also wanna take an English and Maths course just to brush up on my skills. But, yeah school seems to be a success J

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