Saturday, 9 August 2014

Does anyone else wanna get sick?

So after my stupid IBS started acting up I then woke up one a couple weeks ago with swollen glands, OMG it was sooo painful and my whole body was aching to the point where I couldn't move from my bed. My kids actually had to massage my back for me so I could get up, then when I did get up I couldn't even walk properly because both my back and my stomach were hurting so much. Lucky for me I had told my mum the night before that I didn't feel right and she's obviously psychic because she turned up at mine at like 7.30am that same morning to help out.
I then started to spit blood then felt dizzy and unbalanced and my ears were blocked and I was just really achey it was not fun.

Assuming I probably just had the flu and was a bit run down I took some Paracetamol extra, drank lots of water and tried to get rest while my mum looked after the kids for me.

Then I realized Cali holding her throat (she's not done that since she had her operation) and saying her throat was really hurting. She then developed a cough and just didn't look her normal self. So I thought Oh great I've given her the flu. So I kept her hydrated gave her Calpol and made her lie down on the sofa and rest.

Then my mum calls me and sounds terrible and says how her glands are swollen and she pretty much has the same symptoms as me and Cali, so that's now 2 people I'd given the flu to.

So then as my mum was too ill to help out and I was still too weak to have them by myself, I had to rely on their dad (which is something I hate doing as he's only reliable when he fancies it) to help out....

So by the time I was a bit better I noticed Cali was covered head to toe in a rash (which I immediately knew was a viral thing as she had it before when she was a lot younger and I had thought it was chicken pox) and she was also hot and saying down below was itching her. I then remembered she had wet her bed quite a few times the previous week, which is not like her at all. Then immediately knew it wasn't the flu she had a urine infection.

So then we both go to the doctors and come to find out we both have a chest infection and both need antibiotics and just as I guessed Cali also had a urine infection. Now this is the weird thing, this same time last year both me and Cali got a chest infection at exactly the same time and were both on antibiotics for the 1st few days of our holiday. I know because both Cali and I have Asthma we are more prone to chest infections, but, it's just bizarre that it happened around the same time last year. I can't wait for the antibiotics to kick in because chest infections really are not fun I have felt sooooo ill.

But at least RD hasn't caught anything, because you know how boys are when they're sick... He's actually been lovely, when I was at my worst he kept checking on me and rubbing my head and making sure I was OK, bless him.

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