Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Another attempt at silencing NHC

So I saw this on Timeouts blog. How are residents still complaining when in most cases Carnival was there before them? Not that I really get to take in the Sound systems because I'm too busy jumping in a band, but I'm glad people petitioned. Some people won't stop until Nottinghill Carnival is shut down renamed and moved to the confines of  a park where they control who enjoys it by charging an entrance fee and getting 'Urban' (which can mean anything nowadays) artists to perform. Also the weird thing is when I'm jumping I see most residents enjoying carnival either on their roof or hanging out their windows dancing or even making money by selling drinks or use of their toilet so it really makes me wonder who these people are who are complaining. It's not like it goes on for weeks it's literally a 2 day moving event. Surely if you hate it that much you could take yourself off on a nice relaxing break and come back a few days later when it's done and all the mess is cleared up, Simple. This is one of the biggest and best free events in the world, a lot of locals and visitors look forward to it each year. People even fly in from around the world to experience it! I think a lot of people need to read up on the history of carnival then they will see why it's so important obviously to black history but it helps non West Indians learn or see our culture for what it is and not the negative stereotype the media portray it to be. Also this event brings everyone together so why you would try end an events that brings unity makes no sense to me.

Also if you've never experienced Nottinghill Carnival it's celebrating it's 50th year at the end of the month so if that is not reason enough to go check it out heres more reasons why you should go:

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