Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Playground Politics

So I’ve recently found out that a group of women at Calis school don’t like me because of how I dress. Apparently I’m stuck up and I think I’m too nice with my green hair lol also they’ve apparently confronted me about it (news to me) so goodness knows what they said the outcome was, maybe they beat me up... hahahahahaha

So clearly because I actually bathe before I leave out in the mornings I think I’m too nice, well I’ll take that title gladly because I’m not gonna take my children to school stinking like some big mans sweaty balls just to make a group of insecure women feel better about themselves.

Also what they also haven’t realized is that I don’t have a lot of clothes, so clearly I’m working them well for these women to be jealous... I have like 7 different bodycon dresses and maybe the same amount of cartoon character t-shirts and I literally just mix and match them everyday and change up my accessories so they look like a billion different outfits when it’s really just 7. Also my clothes are not expensive so if they would stop hating and simply ask me I would’ve told them most of my clothes come from Primark or the sales in H&M so they could easily buy them.

I’ve seen how a lot of women stay at Cali’s school and it’s completely different to the set up up RD’s nursery. At nursery all the mums are friendly and we all kinda talk to eachother at Cali’s school it’s very cliquey. If you look around you will see lots of different groups of mums, one minute they’re all friends, the next minute someone has called someone a slag on Facebook so one group isn’t talking to the other group. I go to school to make sure my daughter gets there and back safely/on time, I have absolutely no desire to get involved in their mix up so if that makes me stuck up or snobby, well I will proudly take that title too.

They blatantly have nothing better to do with their time and I really didn’t realize I was having such an impact of their (sad little) lives, I kinda feel like a celeb now lol but they should probably get over it as my kids are gonna be at that school for a long time and I have no plans of dressing like a tramp in the foreseeable future (unless it’s a Sunday and I have no plans to leave the yard and fancy being a bum)
But I would love to know who these women are and not because it affects my life but because I’m a nosey bajan J

Also strangely after I heard about this I discovered this song and thought OMG this is my life at the moment:

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