Saturday, 7 June 2014

Cali's Operation:: Pre Op

So if you read my earlier post you will know that Cali was due to have her Tonsils and Adenoids out and Gromets put in. So I thought I'd keep a little diary of her operation and her road to recovery.

Wednesday 3rd June
So Wednesday was the big day we had been preparing for, the big Op. I hadn’t told Cali too much about the operation beforehand because 1, I didn’t want to freak her out and 2, I didn’t want her to keep asking me if today was the 3rd June. I did tell her little bits and pieces over the weeks but I waited until the same day to show her the DVD the hospital had given me to show her about what would happen on the day of the operation and I’m glad I did it that way because everything was fresh in her mind and she wasn’t scared at all. The DVD is brilliant btw so well done to the NHS for making the scary world of operations understandable to small children.
Because Cali was going to be going under anaesthesia she had to starve from 7.30am which wasn’t ideal but I decided to starve with her.
So my parents came over to drop us at the hospital and all Cali was concerned about was making sure she looked pretty for her operation, brushing her Barbies hair and getting one last horsey ride from granddad.

When we got to the children's ward all the staff were lovely and friendly. Once we got settled in Calis bed a nurse came around to put some ‘Magic cream’ on Calis hands. This was basically to numb them so they could put the cannula in just before the operation.

We were then told that Cali was 2nd to last on the list so probably wouldn’t be seen till 4pm now I WAS NOT AMUSED, because who want’s their baby to go without food from 7.30 till after 4pm, she wasn’t even allowed to drink water, poor thing. But once again she just took it in her stride.
To try take her mind off of food (and my mind too because I was starving) we went in the play room which was full of fun activities. So Cali listened to some music, played on the Wii and even did some arts and crafts. She actually didn’t wanna leave.
I had to sneak off and get some food because as the hours rolled on I just felt hungry and faint and then I just felt bad eating and Cali couldn’t eat which made the food not even taste nice.

But the time I came back the Surgeon was there and I had to sign a few forms, then they marked Cali so they would know exactly which ear to put the grommet in.

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