Saturday, 7 June 2014

Calis Operation :: Anaesthesia

This is a continuation of the diary click here to read the 1st part 

A nurse came by and gave Cali both Parecetamol and Ibruprofen (it wasn’t until I watched that NHS DVD that I realized you can give both at the same time, OMG I wish I would’ve known that from before) Cali seriously savoured the medicine because it was the first liquid she had consumed since early morning, she really took her time taking them and was like ‘Mmmm that was yummy’ after.

My mum then changed Cali into her hospital gown and slippers and I walked with her and the nurses down to theatre. She was all happy and smiling and already knew exactly what was gonna happen. Now I thought we were both prepared until we actually got into the room and she was on the bed, surrounded by a load of doctors. Then the anaesthetist put in her cannula and put a ‘special straw’ on the canula and then put the ‘special milk’ in. Now I knew from the DVD that the ‘Special milk’ puts them straight to sleep but to see it with you own eyes in front of you is a completely different thing to seeing it happen to someone elses child on TV. Cali was knocked out straight away even before they finished injecting the anesthetic. It was sooo hard to watch because one minute she was talking and the next her head slumped back with her eyes wide open, she looked dead! Now that was a shocker. I literally just stood there wide eyed like O-M-G! I didn’t even know what to do with myself, I couldn’t even move. Clearly the doctors have seen this reaction before and kinda pulled me over to give her a kiss then ushered me out the room.

On the walk back to the ward I was still in shock and my heart was pounding then when I got back to Calis bed and saw my mum and just broke down, I seriously couldn’t stop crying.

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