Saturday, 14 June 2014

Calis Operation :: The Aftermath :: Wow more blood?!

This is a continuation of the diary click here to read the previous part

Once again Cali woke up crying and in pain so I gave her her medicine and we snuggled and she went back to sleep. Then clearly I went back into a deep sleep and she had woken up to wee as I heard the toilet flushing. Then she came in crying and hysterical, I jumped up like OMG what happened and realized along with the long line of saliva blood was also dripping out her mouth, so I took her back to the bathroom and made her spit in the sink just to make sure it wasn't coming from anywhere else and then I realized that her nose was bleeding too. I was thinking why on earth would her nose be bleeding... then I thought let me find out if she has blown her nose (as she's not supposed to blow her nose really till she's healed) and when she told me that she had, it all made sense.
So clearly she had blown her nose and aggravated something up there to cause the nose bleed then obviously sniffed the blood back up and then it came out her mouth. So I wasn’t too worried as technically it wasn’t coming from her mouth, so I kept a close eye on it and thought, if it happens again then I will definitely take her to hospital.

Luckily there was no more blood but I’m realizing there's random times of the night where she wakes up crying or uncomfortable now sometimes I can give her pain relief but sometimes it’s too soon to the previous dose to be able to give her more and that's the worst part. The most I can do is give her lots of hugs and kisses and hope she eventually drops back to sleep for long enough that I can give her medicine if she wakes again.

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