Saturday, 14 June 2014

Calis Operation :: The Aftermath :: On the mend finally

This is a continuation of the diary click here to read the previous part

So we are now slowly coming up to the time where Cali goes back to school and she seems to be a lot better. She’s not complaining about her throat hurting that much during the day and she’s not waking up at night crying and in pain which is great. So now I’m trying to slowly wean her off the painkillers as I feel she’s now starting to rely on them she even knows what time she normally takes them. I don’t mind giving them to her at night but I’m really trying to get her off the Calpol etc during the day as it would be too much for her to go to school relying heavily on pain killers. The one thing I am worried about is the fact that she has yet to get used to not having her tonsils and she keeps holding around that area anytime she swallows as she says it still stings a bit sometimes. So now I have to somehow get her doctor to come out (although according to the secretary at Calis Surgery they don’t do that, like WTF? What kinda surgery is this??!!!) to check her and make sure her infection is all cleared up and nothing else is happening before I send her back to school next week. Because if anything’s wrong I will have to postpone school until the following week which is going to then upset Cali and probably make her worse as she is bursting to go back to school.


  1. Hope she's doing ok now, lovely photo of you both :-)

    1. Thanks :) Yes she's all better now and back to being a super hero and climbing on anything that will give me a heart attack