Saturday, 14 June 2014

Calis Operation :: The Aftermath :: OMG there's blood!!!

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Cali woke up again around 6am crying and in pain and refused to take her medicine again and was actually trying to fight me and knock the medicine out my hand, she was going crazy! Now early morning tantrums mixed with zero sleep= not a happy mummy, I was like you need to take the medicine I’m too tired to deal with you being silly, either you take it or you stay ill then I rolled over and pretended to go back to sleep and started 'snoring' loudly, soon after she tapped me to let me know she was ready to take it.
 I’m finding its a lot worse in the mornings than the evenings, but I've set a tonne of alarms on my phone to remind me to give her the medicine because its at random times.

Then, my worst nightmare happened, she woke that same night crying and coughing up blood. OMG she was soooo hysterical, she really can be a drama queen when she's ready. She worked herself up sooo much she made her situation 10 times worse, so the blood just wouldn't stop because she was tensing up herself so much and putting a strain on her throat. I couldn't even comfort her because she just wanted to flap and scream.So I called the ward that she had been treated on and they told me to bring her into A&E. 

Once there, Cali was initially seen quite quickly but then told we would have to wait 2 hours for a doctor. Note to self never visit A&E late on a Friday night, full of drunk people (shock horror) who had fallen, or been in a fight (surprise surprise) or simply had taken to much of the old nose candy and couldn’t deal with life. Once we had seen the doctor they discovered that Cali had developed a fungal infection (Thrush) in her mouth and her tongue and the back of her throat were all white and fluffy. Now I noticed that her tongue was white but I had planned on cleaning it with a flannel (like what you do with babies) when her throat wasn't so sore, I just assumed it was because she hadn’t been swallowing as much and was maybe a bit dehydrated, but when the Dr pointed it out I was like ‘Is it thrush?’ I swear once you’re a mummy you automatically become a doctor too and can diagnose most things accurately given the right information.

So they gave her some antibiotics that's specifically for oral fungal infections and now she has to take that 4 times a day for a week. Luckily we didn't have to stay in overnight (although I brought an overnight bag just in case) and by the time we got home, around 2.30am Cali decided she was starving so we both had some jelly then went to bed.

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