Saturday, 28 June 2014

Britmums Live

So after having to stand up on a delayed and packed train all the way to London I was actually praying that there would be some wine or something at Britmums and guess what I wasn’t disappointed. There was wine everywhere.
OK so I went there all excited (and maybe a bit deluded) expecting to be greeted by lots of super friendly bloggers. I was thinking OK I’m probably not the first one who is experiencing Britmums for the first time so I’m bound to find a friendly (or lonely) face to chat to. Yeah... that kinda didn’t happen. It was all very overwhelming, the venue was big and obviously full of ladies (and a few gents) who for the most part all seemed to know each other. Who knows, they could’ve been really lovely if I actually had approached them, but I was too scared, so I kinda just kept myself to myself.

But although I was by myself I didn’t feel that alone because I attended all of the sessions and  because I was making so much notes it didn’t really matter if I was with a group of friends or not. I found the talk on Writers Block and unlocking the creative process super helpful because the authors who spoke were all mums (some had more kids than me) and they somehow managed to combine motherhood with life as a writer and that really inspired me to follow some of their practises, particularly setting daily/weekly writing targets for myself. There were also lots of brands there who were all happy and talkative so I entered lots of competitions and took lots of pics with their crazy backdrops which was a lot of fun.

While waiting for the BiB awards ceremony to start in the evening I  looked around and felt like Oh No I am actually alone.

 Then 2 lovely ladies approached me (Mumma G & Living with Mr M) and it was great to find out we were all newbies experiencing the event for the first time.
After a late night I knew there was absolutely no way I would get to day 2 on time but I made sure I got to the talk on Travel Blogging which I had been looking forward to and I also found the session on How to successfully self publish to be the most helpful one. I took sooo much notes. I’d never really been a fan of self publishing before but after hearing Emma Clark Lam talk I was convinced that self publishing was the way to go. Also everyone seemed a lot more relaxed and friendly on the Saturday and I met more lovely bloggers, oh and there was more wine.
At the end of the day we exchanged our blogger badge for a goody bag. Now I’ve seen goody bags before this goody bag pissed on all of them there was sooooo much fabulous stuff, oh and I was surprised/delighted to see a full sized bottle of wine in there.

I’ve just realized from the beginning of this post all I’ve really talked about is wine, OMG you would you would think I’m obcessed with wine or something and that is just ridiculous, like totally absurd *picks up large glass of wine and creeps away*

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