Monday, 19 May 2014

School Pics

So it's that time again when the kids have to take School/Nursery Pictures and it's also that kinda time where I get worried that the kids will take yet another dodgy picture. Their last school one they looked like criminals, RD looked like "Yeah I did it" and Cali looks like "I did it too but you will never be able to prove it" I dunno what it is about school pics and pictures in general at the moment RD will just look gormless, Cali used to look that way but recently she's become quite photogenic but she does like to do the huge "I'm gonna show every last one of my teeth and make my eyes disappear" smile, so these photos can go either way really. So I'm just gonna have to wait patiently *cough cough anxiously* and hope for the best. Who am I kidding either way I'm buying the biggest package :)

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