Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Have you packed yet?

So after RD went through yet another growth spurt which resulted in 90% of his T-Shirts looking like belly tops on him I had to once again go out and get a new set. Now initially I was just gonna go Primark and get some cheap colourful ones, but to be honest as much as I love Primark some of their clothes, particularly T-Shirts, don't wash well at all and just get wider. So I got him some from Morissons because I've found that the material is really good quality and very soft and they wash well and they last a loooooooong time. Although they're not £1.50 like the T-Shirts in Primark (they ranged from £2 to £6)I don't mind (on this occasion) spending a bit more if I know I'm getting my monies worth and I know that these will last a good year (or until he has another crazy growth spurt)
So if you've never thought of getting anything from Nutmeg at Morissons it's definitely worth a look and they do have some really cute stuff and at the moment they obviously have a lot of holiday bits for the munchkins too.

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