Friday, 23 May 2014

Have you packed yet?

With the sun finally deciding to show its face I had to rush out and get the kids some new hats as most of their hats from last summer don’t fit them at all. Because RD has a lot of hair it’s hard to find caps that fit him as children sizes are too small and men sizes just fit funny so I prefer to put him in Pie hats. Now I don’t actually know the real name for these hats but I’ve always called them pie hats because if you was to take a pie say for eg a Steak and Kidney Pukka Pie take out the contents and the top then turn it upside that’s exactly what them hats look like. Anywayz they’re great and I found they fit RD’s head nicely so I found this beige one with blue anchors in Primark for £2 and I’m on the lookout for more colours. I’ve also rediscovered Visors and think they’re perfect for Cali as I have her hair plaited up in so many different styles sometimes a normal hat simply won’t fit on her head so the visors are a great alternative and also very retro. I picked up one in every colour (Pink, Purple and Black and White) and liked them so much I even picked up one for myself. Technically they’re not children hats as they’re in the women’s section but they fit Cali and she’s 5 and has quite a small head *cough cough like her dad* and they’re only £1.50 (also in Primark) so not too bad, although once again I feel these will probably go down to maybe 50p at some point. Also the best part of these options as opposed to a normal baseball cap is that both don’t take up much room at all in your suitcase and the pie hats fold down soooo small you could even carry them in your pocket or throw it in the kids hand luggage.

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