Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Flying Apartments

OK so I know I normally talk about budget travelling and getting the best deals for you and the kiddies to fly longhaul, but my cousin recently showed me this and I was so amazed I had to blog about it. Now this is something you could do if you ever won the lottery (more than once) it's the first ever Flying Apartment. A bit baffled? Well Ethihad Airways are now offering a more luxurious option of travelling first class, they have now introduced Apartments. Which is basically your own... umm... apartment on the plane, you have a living room, bedroom and shower room where you will have the kind of stuff you're used to at 'home' like a leather sofa, flat screen TV, wardrobe and double bed, you even get you own butler service, which to me is craaaazy. Now the price to fly this is something ridiculous and it makes me wonder if you can afford to do this and you're travelling in a group why would you not all just put together and get a private jet? Like how comfortable does one actually really need to be? Surely the whole point of a holiday is that you're somewhere that's completely different to home. Why would you need a wardrobe, the most you take off when you're flying is your coat or jumper etc there's nothing really that can't be folded neatly and stored in the overhead compartments. But I guess if you have this kinda money, spending it on this level of luxury would be nothing to you.
Although I'm complaining about the practicalities of this I still wanna experience it *cough cough for free* as I would really like to know how this would work if you're travelling by yourself with the kids because if you're all paying for a ticket surely everyone would get their own apartment but obviously if your kids are small you would have them in your apartment with you, so seems like a waste of money as in my case there would be 2 empty apartments. But then I guess multi billionaires don't worry about 'little' things like that it's all just pocket change init. But yeah I still wanna go on it lol

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