Friday, 2 May 2014

Epic Weekend!

So as I seem to be becoming more of a hermit  my mum has actually been encouraging me to go out and socialize and hang out with my friends. So seeing as it was my mummies day off me and the bestie decided to go the Chocolate Nation launch party. Now Chocolate Nation is a band that we normally jump with at Nottinghill Carnival and as you can probably guess the theme of the band is chocolate (and now coloured powder) and you're given tubs of chocolate and are encouraged to smear it on eachother which is actually great fun :) Unfortunately there was no chocolate at the launch boo... but Destra performed yey! If you love your Soca you will know how amazing she is so I had a brilliant time. It really put me in the carnival mood and now I can't wait to jump again.

Covered in Chocolate paint and powder jumping with Chocolate Mas last year

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