Thursday, 17 April 2014

Things I never knew before becoming a mummy

So there is one big thing I really didn't know before I became a mummy and that's that babies fart. Yes I know it sounds dumb and I knew they got wind but I thought they just burped I was totally clueless to the fact that they farted until I had Cali. I remember me, Cali and her dad just relaxing on the sofa together and I heard some big noise basically a big loud fart and I just glared at Calis dad like 'How dare you fart like that around the baby' then it happened again even louder and this time I was like annoyed with him and was like "Stop farting like that round the baby it's not nice!" he was there like "I didn't fart" then he tried to convince me it was me and I probably didn't feel it come out because I'd just had a baby hahaahhaahhaa all this time Calis just there looking all sweet an angelic then after she let off a few more we realized it was her. I was so shocked that this tiny baby could fart like a big man and even more shocked at the fact that she was farting in general. I think the midwifes should tell you at the hospital all the things your baby is likely to do before you bring them home because I can't be the only person who thought babies just bur
ped. It's the whole burping thing that's misleading as when you're burping them thinking in a logical way that would mean you're trying to make a burp come up, I just think they should change the name because these things are hard to grasp when you have baby brain.

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